Racial Equity and Inclusion

Eastside Youth Strong is a racially equitable and inclusive organization that supports our community, and believes in equity, diversity and inclusion for all. This belief is embedded in each interaction with our:
Partners (agreed expectations with mirrored practices)
Volunteers (communication and engagement that matched internal expectations)
Staff (internal practices that set expectations)
Youth (youth voice and feedback reflect our statement is meeting expectations)
Families (provide feedback and input as to equity and inclusion impact that improves their quality of life)

EYS will instill practices to ensure racial equity and inclusion expectations are met through:
Education (The what):  The continuous work to understand racial equity and inclusion and to hold the expectations of internal practice through
Formal:  Being knowledgeable about the topic and comfortable in discussion.
Experiential:  A place to practice and evaluate efforts for improvement

Accountability (The how) Consistent internal actions that prove our efforts are aligned with our statements on racial equity and inclusion.  EYS will establish a standard that we hold ourselves and individuals to.  EYS will work from an honest and authentic communication that promotes growth and needs of those we serve.